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Hi, gadis manis, dibawah ini cerita buat kamu. Semoga kamu menikmati.

Story continue ...
******** Earlier part *********

She was my classmate in SMA (Sekolah Menengah Atas or Junior college equivalent). She was not one of the prettiest girls in the class but had nice eyes, well proportion figure. We were both at about your age then. We both interested very much on the biology subject as it made us understand about our body. To find out more, we sometimes ask each other about the vital body parts that the other party had. Of-course, everytime we talk about it, I am aroused. Slowly we are more open to each other. I told her the sex video that I watched secretly (from parent) and she is interested very much and wish to view the video. It's not easy to find the oppurtunity to view the video as there's always someone in my house. So I told her to wait.

Finally the chance was here. My parent went to Singapore for holiday trips. So my house left only the maid. Making sure that the video was still there in my parent's room, I told Ina (her name) and we agreed to watch it after school (in the afternoon).

Finally the time was here. It's one o'clock and we finished our school. She told her friends that she need to do something and ask them to go back first without waiting for her while I went back setting up the video and waited for her in my house.

I asked my maid to go and buy something so when Ina came she would not see her. You know she may told my parent about it. I waited for Ina at the back door of my house. When she came I was delighted and quickly brought her to my parents room and locked the door. I was very excited as that was the first time I watch sex video with a girl.

So the video started. We sat on the bed and watch how the actress seduced the actor by slowly undressing herself, touching herself and kissing the body of the actor all over. When actress undid the actor's pants and reveal his cock, I saw Ina said wow silently by opening her mouth. I guess that was the first time she saw a hard cock.

I was very aroused at this time. So when the actress take the cock and put in her mouth, as she suck and lick, my cock went hard even further. As I did not position my cock properly, the arousing make me feel uncomfortable. So I put my hand into my pant and adjust it to 12 o'clock position... that's the most comfortable position. When she saw it, she asked : 'tegang ya' (get hard is it?), 'Mmmm ... maaf ya' I replied and apologized.

Quickly she move her view back on the screen. This time the actor start to caress the actress. He used his tongue to lick her erected nipples while squeezing her large tits. Slowly he moved down to her pussy. The shaved pussy was clearly seen as the actor lick the cunt. At this time Ina start to move up and sit down again several time. I guessed she just tried to rub her clit.

I felt a bit warm and thirsty and decided to get some drink. 'Mau minum ?' I asked. She noded with a smile. So I went out to get some drink and when I came back I saw Ina putting one hand inside her grey skirt and the other inside her white shirt. She was pinching her own nipple and fingering her clit. The scene was so erotic that I almost came in my pants.

'Ngapa in ?' I pretend to ask. She quickly took out her hands from the skirt and shirt and replied shyly with a grin: 'Filem ini bagus sekali, saya kira saya sudah basah didalam'. I smiled 'Terus kan, jangan malu malu, itu kan biasa'. She, however, did not continue as she too shy to do it in front of me. So we continued to watch the video.

The actress and the actor were now in 69 position. The camera did a close shot to the scene the actor is eating and licking the pussy. 'Gimana rasanya ya?' She asked, 'Tentu enak lah' I replied. I noticed she crossed her leg tightly. The camera was then shifted to the other side where the actress is sucking the cock. 'Kamu tentu ingin dibuat begitu ya ?, 'Mmmm' I answer quietly. 'Begitu besar, entah rasanya gimana ya kalau dimasukkan dalamnya' She refered to the big cock the actor have. 'Kamu punya begitu besar nggak ?' She continue.

'Hampir sama, mungkin besar dikit', I replied. Both of us still paying attetion to the screen during our conversation. After she heard my reply, she seemed to have a little shock and turned to give me a glance.

'Benar nggak ? Kau badannya nggak sebesar dia, mana mungkin alat mu lebih besar. Kau bohong'.

'Benarrrr. kenapa sih saya mau bohong ?, I fight back. 'Tengok !' I pointed to my swollen part in the front of my pants.

She stared at it and provoked me : 'Mana saya tau didalamnya ada benda lain ?' She laughed as she said it. 'Saya nggak percaya kecuali saya lihat dengan mata saya'

I knew she want to look at mine but did not want to say it directly. 'Ina mau lihat ?'. She did not say yes or no but keep staring at my pant. I stood up and start to unzip my pants. Half way thru, I stopped as I felt a bit awkard as I never did that in front of a girl and also I could not confirm whether this is what she really want. So I asked again 'benar nggak ina mau lihat ?' This time she nod her head and gave me a smile. That gave me the confirmation. I then continued unzip it. The underwear I wear seemed to be a bit too small as it could hardly cover my harden cock. The head of my cock appeared. It seemed the creature has waken up and push his head out to look at the outside world.

'Percaya sekarang ?' 'Mmmm' She then moved closer and kneel down in front of me. 'Boleh saya rasakan ?' Without waiting for my reply, she had reach her hand on the tip of my cock. She moved her hand slowly downward till the end of it. 'Panjang juga ya'. She looked at it very closely as if she was studying my cock. That moment got me really crazy. I was fighting in my mind that will she or won't she suck my cock.

Finally she pull down my underwear. As she did that my cock fell out and hit her face. 'Ooop, keras kali', she gently caress my cock from the head to the end and then back to the head again like 'sayang' someone. 'Kepala nya besar ya.' She then grabbed and start stroking slowly. As she doing it, she turned her view back to the screen. 'Mau coba nggak ?' She smile seductively as she refered to the scene where the actress is sucking the actors cock.

***** New part ******

I smiled. Now she is in front of me, kneeling down with my cock in her hand. She pushed my cock up in 12 o'clock position and start licking, from the base of my cock where the ball is, slowly towards the tip of the head. Her tongue was warm. As it was reaching towards the tip, my climax feeling was building. When she reached the tip, she opened her mouth widely and swallow the head into her mouth, like a snake swallow its victim. While the head was in her mouth, the tongue inside was not idling. She circled the head of my cock using her tongue clockwise, and then anticlockwise. Am I in the heaven ? This lady is no amateur. I thought to myself. Who care, let me enjoy this moment first.

After about one minute, she pulled out my cock, at the same time sucking it, like the way we eat ice-cream. When my cock is out, there was some pre-cum dripping from her mouth. Quickly she slurped it back and circled her tongue around her upper lip. 'Mmm .... enak juga ya rasanya'. 'Suka ya Ina makan sperm saya ? Masih banyak loh, terus ngisap kalau Ina mau'

She then opened her mouth widely to welcome my cock again. This time she put my cock deeper into her mouth. Slowly, she move in cm by cm until almost half of my cock disappear inside her mouth. Her lips were now rubbing my shaft in and out. After some time, she start sucking. I don't know how she do it, but she actually licking the tip of my cock while she is sucking it. I can feel my cum is moving from my ball towards the tip of my cock. I put my hands on her soft, silky hair while I enjoy all this. 'Oh..... Ina ... hebatnya kamu....., oh ratu ina, ngisap kuat dikit .......... sperm saya hampir keluar ...... kuat dikit ........' As I cry all this out, Ina tried her best to suck hard and fast. 'Ya .... enaknya ..... ya ......ahh ahhh......' A fast flowing stream of my cum finally shoot out or rather suck out to Ina's mouth. She tried to swallow as much as she can but as I cum alot, she was not fast enought to swallow all. Some overflow out from her mouth dripping to the floor. I collaped and kneel in front of her. There was some cum left on the side of her mouth. I reached my hand to clean for her but was stopped.' Jangan, biar saya habis kan. Itu bagus loh untuk kompleksi dan banyak protein juga'.

'Ina ... terima kasih, kamu memang hebat ...'

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